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Before you start your own store,
take a moment to identify your identity.

IdentityStores proudly features five sites customized for distinct identities. We suggest you think about how your group members/customers will most commonly identify you and then search for your name. For example, if you are starting a store for a school-based team, will parents and players look for the Crownville Cougars, or for Crownville High School? Think about whom you’re serving and what they’re purchasing. This will help you choose your identity, and guide you to the best store for your needs.

Click on the Identity which best describes your group; this will take you directly to the site best suited for your store:


If you represent a school OR a group within the school, go to

Note: if you create a school site, it can house items for ALL school activities, from team sports to clubs to special “one-off” event items and general school logo apparel.


If you want a store that serves your athletic or community association and its supporters, go to



If you represent a faith-based organization, go to

Note: even if you are creating items for a faith community team, club, or class, it’s wise to create your store under the broader “identity” most of your members will think of first.


If you want a store that promotes your city or town, go to

Note: you may want to decide which “identity” your primary group member/customer might search for first. For example, would someone look for “Northfield,” or would she look first for “Northfield Little League?”

If you want a store that features items branded with your business name and/or logo, go to

A final note: Some groups don’t fall into ANY of these Identities. For example, perhaps you’re planning a large family reunion and want to create 200 t-shirts to mark the event, or you want to honor a friend on a special birthday with just a few items. Whatever your needs are, we can deliver. Click here for more information.



You can also refer a colleague, friend, fellow parent, or administrator to us to learn more about IdentityStores; Click here!